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Well, the Fifth Annual Character Tournament is over with and the results are in.

The winner of this year's tournament is none other than Atobe Keigo!
The runner-up is Kirihara Akaya!

As for the added bonus question of favorite team, it was a close call but Hyoutei won by a single vote. Rikkai came in a very close second and Shitenhouji was third.

The next tournament will be 'Prettiest Boy' and will start in 1 week! Please stick around for it and I hope you all had fun.
And the tournament's closed! Thanks for voting!

It's that time! We're down to the final round of the Character Tournament. We started with 120 people and now are at the final two if anyone can believe it. Results will be posted after voting closes.

Voting closes Thursday April 5th at 11:59pm (all times EST/New York City time so refer to here if you need help converting times.

Next tournament will be 'Prettiest Boy' and will start April 19th.

Poll #1830279 Final Round

Final Round

Kirihara Akaya
Atobe Keigo

Favorite Team

St. Rudolph
Round closed! Thanks for voting!

Well then, it's down to just a handful of boys. Last round was a near Hyoutei slaughter with Atobe being the only non-Rikkai boy left in the game. Things are starting to die down with this tournament but that just means it's the perfect time to start planning the next tournament so please take a moment of your time to vote in the the 3rd poll listed.

This round ends at 11:59 pm Thursday March 29th. Time is US EST/New York City so please use this if you need help converting.

Sorry I'm a little late this week. Health issues and tornadoes popped up yesterday but it's all okay now ^^

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Voting closed! Thanks for participating and look for the next round within the next 48 hours! It's already the quarter-finals if anyone else can believe that. Hyoutei and Rikkai absolutely dominated the last round, knocking everyone out. As always, voting goes until 11:59 pm Thursday March 22nd. Times are -5 GMT/US EST/New York City and for those who need help with figuring out time issues, please refer to here. Vote HereCollapse )
Round closed! Thanks for voting and the next round will be posted within the next 48 hours!

Look everyone, it's Round 4! Wild card Akutagawa Jirou is back in the game thanks to all of your votes. By now everyone should know the drill. Pick your favorite and hope he survives. We're down to all boys now after the sole girl hold-out (Miss Tachibana An) was eliminated last round. Anyway, have fun voting!

The round ends at 11:59 PM Thursday March 15th. All times as US EST/-5 GMT/New York City time. If you need help with timezones, please use this.

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Thanks for voting! Round 3 is now closed. The next round will be up in the next 48 hours so please stay tuned!

Same deal as before, pick your favorite of each match-up before Thursday March 8th 11:59pm. Feel free to tell your friends/get them to join. The more the merrier after all!

All times are US Eastern (-5 GMT/New York City's time) so please, use this if you need help converting to your local time.

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The winner of the Wildcard poll will get thrown back into the mix of Round 3's winners.

And thank you everyone for the well-wishes! Unfortunately I shall be sick for the long haul but that means I have plenty of time to work on things for this community ^_^

5th Annual Character Tournament - Round 2

Thank you all for voting. Round 2 is now closed. Look for Round 3 within the next 24 hours!

Same deal as before, pick your favorite of each match-up before Thursday March 1st 11:59pm. I know there were a few people that tried to sneak in and vote last minute but I go through and write down the winners right at midnight so please get your votes in as early as possible. Also, feel free to tell your friends/get them to join. The more the merrier after all!

All times are US Eastern (-5 GMT/New York City's time) so please, use this if you need help converting to your local time.

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One more thing: please leave a comment with the name of a non-winning round 1 character who should get a second chance. They'll be back as a wildcard entry in round 3 due to an un-even number that will occur. The possible wildcards will be entered in a number lottery and the winner will be entered back into the competition for a second shot. Round one can be found here

Edit: Due to unforeseen popularity among certain wildcards, the lottery now has a set policy for how entries will be handled.
1 Nomination = 1 Entry
3 Nominations = 2 Entries
6 Nominations = 3 Entries

No character will be allowed more than 3 entries in order to give all nominations a fair chance. This policy has been set in place to both try and reflect the popularity of certain characters while trying give all nominations a fair chance.

Please please please ask for clarification if this policy confuses you!

Fifth Annual Character Tournament

Round 1 is closed! Thanks for voting and Round 2 shall be started/posted within in the next 48 hours!

Well, after a 3 year break, tourneypuri is back! Unintentionally, it has been taken over at the same point in time that the annual character tournament was started. That being said, it seems like a character tournament is exactly the right place to start. So I welcome you all to the Fifth Annual Character Tournament!

The rules are simple: Below the cut, there are pairs of names. Each character has been given a number which were then put through a random number generator to ensure fairness and take away as much creator bias as possible. Some of the match-ups will be between characters you may not recognize and others will be between popular characters. There will be tough choices but that's part of the fun.

All you have to do is select the name of the character you like more. You can pick whoever for whatever reason you want. The winners will move on to the next round where they'll be thrown back into the number generator to determine the next match up.

Each round will start on Sunday by 5pm. I will try to get the polls up as early as possible to allow as much voting time as possible. Voting ends at 11:59 pm Thursday. All times are US Eastern (-5 GMT/New York City's time) so please, use this if you need help converting to your local time.

Feel free to pimp this contest to your friends, but please remember: no RP journals, sockpuppets, fic journals, etc. will be allowed to participate in the voting. This is to try and keep the contest as fair as possible. If you have sock account you'd rather vote with that is not your main account, please let me know so I can allow the exception.

Most of all, have fun! This community was a lot of fun when it was active a few years ago. Fandom has died down a little since but thanks to the new manga and anime, we have new characters, new interests, and most of all, new people! It'd be absolutely amazing to see what a few years and new information have done to change just how people see certain characters.

PollCollapse )

Sticky: Suggestion Box

As I'd rather not fill up the old mods inboxes, this is the new suggestion box for the community.

Please leave any and all suggestions for future polls here.

There's a chance that not all suggestions will be used but please feel free to suggest things.

New Mod & Official Business

I know this is kind of an old and dead community but I'm going to do my best to revive it as it was a lot of fun in the days of old. I'm the new mod, Tessa, and am really excited about this. Over the next few days, I will be pulling everything together and advertising across various Tenipuri comms so I apologize in advance for any and all spam you see.

Any members who are still watching but have left the fandom are free to leave if they wish. I can understand but I do hope most of you stick around and that we'll be able to gain some new members as well. Most of all, I really just hope we all have fun.

So yeah, there's that. Feel free to comment on here if you want but basically, please treat this post as a reset point for the comm.